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Yes, it is possible to arrange a trial period – for a period of one or two months, including a brief introduction and preliminary business analysis, and the payment of a flat fee. On the other hand, you can arrange a long-term business deal with the Aramon company acting as an „internal department“ of the client.
It depends on the type of services you arrange. As far as the project assignments are concerned, we can talk about a shorter period of time (from several weeks up to several months), and in the event of arranging long-term services the results can be seen continuously over a longer period of time.
It depends on the type of each service, its duration and on the arrangement with Aramon. The payment can be executed as a flat fee, a combination of a flat fee and a success fee, or it can include a certain percentage for the arranged time period associated to a specific task and result. For further information, we advise You to contact us directly.
First of all, we have a 30-years' experience in the private sector and various business activities, predominantly in smaller and medium-sized companies (SME). There is also a successful combination of experience within the financial services sector (corporate financing) and working in the private, real sector. Due to its focusing on results, the performance assessment and payment for the services provided are carried out according to the achieved results. Our business integrity and the maximum level of professionality are based on the numerous references we have collected in the course of the last 30 years. Sometimes we can get close to the level of saying: „you have engaged us, and you are paying us to tell you what you don't want to hear“.
Modern business requires the two highly-developed and specialized business functions without which it would be impossible for a business to survive, and these are sales and finance. To most of the small and medium-sized companies it is too expensive to engage quality managers in the mentioned segments on a long-term basis. Even the very business activities appear at intervals: sometimes intensively, and on other times to a much lesser extent. Engaging external managers to work on a project or advisory level seems to be the optimum solution – both in terms of price and the achieving of satisfactory results.
There are no „written“ or absolute guarantees. Usually, it regards a joint work and projects, where the final decisions are made by the client.
We operate mostly at the territorry of Croatia, but also in the countries within the Region, that is the neighbouring countries.
Yes, it is possible, depending on the type of arrangement and its duration period.