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Within the past five years a hundred projects have been carried out for about fifty companies.

These include various forms of cooperation, such as the ones listed below.

Silvio Galić



Administrative clerk, Expert Associate and Assistant to Head of Department (gradual progress)

Jobs – negotiation, analysis and financial structuring solutions for the companies within the processing industry in Croatia

Head of Corporate Banking Department for SMEs

Jobs – Startup project on the establishment of a new bank, organizing of all the business activities within the department, negotiation, analysis and financial structuring solutions for the companies in Croatia

Director of Finance, Board Member and Chief Financial Officer

Jobs – organizing of the financial sector, setting up of the financial reporting system, financing development and driving an aggressive sales growth (average annual growth rate >25%) – credit portfolio increased within the period of 2 years by 3,5 times in working with 7 commercial banks, annual business plans and budgets

Director of Finance and Controlling

Jobs – setting up of the financial reporting system, cost control, consolidation of ten associated companies, annual business plans and budgets

Director of Finance and a Board Member of TM Grupa

Jobs – financial monitoring of business operations, consolidation at the group level (8 associated companies in Croatia and 2 in Bosnia and Herzegovina), improving financial reporting system

CEO (Managing Director)

Jobs – mostly Crisis Managment and preparation for sales

The existing situation – production for 3 days per week, suspended funding by banks, scarce distribution resources, multiannual decline in sales, obsolete technology

Achieved results – a narrower span of management was established (formed exclusively by the Company’s members); restructuring of the obligations towards the suppliers and banks, and the providing of working capital; the concluding of an agreement with Podravka d.d. on the sales and distribution within the region; the halting of sales decline; partial Koestlin brand identity revitalization – the right name for a cookie; increased productivity by means of reducing the number of employees by 25%; the applying of the ISO 9001 standard and the preparation of HACCP; modernization of technology on a small scale; the achieving of sales towards a strategic partner

CEO (Managing Director)

Jobs – mostly Crisis Managment

The existing situation – perennial stagnation, with a bankruptcy proceedings in the past, obsolete technology, scarce distribution resources

Achieved results – a narrower span of management was established (formed exclusively by the Company’s members); improved distribution; a significant increase in sales (from 90 to 150 million HRK); working capital provided; personnel restructuring (¼ of the employees changed position within 1 year); the preparation of HACCP; improved organization; redesign and the strengthening of the Sljeme brand

CEO (Managing Director)

Jobs – comprehensive restructuring and sales to the strategic partner; Karolina (the former Sloboda) operated within Lura d.d. until January 2006 (as the Cookie Department, along with the Dairy and milk Products Department, and the Beverage Department)

The existing situation – an outdated and non-competitive company (technology, organization, market performance), low productivity and a too wide area of business activity (retail, bakery, cake production)

Achieved results – an updated and strengthened management; the reduction of the number of employees by 60% within 2 years (from 960 to 350); the elimination of the non-profitable cake and pastry production; improved sales network; the identifying and selling of the retail chain (sold to Konzum); the repositioning of the 2 key brands: Bobi and Jadro, the redisigning of the Moto brand; the implementation of the SAP (6 modules); the preparation of HACCP; increased productivity (sales per capita) within 2 years by >60%; the company was sold to the strategic partner Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, Germany at the beginning of 2006

CEO (Managing Director)

Jobs – preparation of sales to the strategic partner; 100% of shares were bought by Badel 1862 d.d.; within the Badel Group, the focus was on the integration and reorganization of the entire group (based on a project by Deloitte)

Business activity – production and sales of office and school supplies – paperback and hardcover notebooks, envelops, registries and folders

CEO (Managing Director)

Jobs – restructuring and long-term positioning of production programs and sales to strategic partners

The existing situation – obsolete technology, narrow market and weak competitiveness, perennial gradual decrease in sales

Achieved results – strengthened management (formed exclusively by the Company’s members) and organization (informatization, reporting system); increase in sales in 2008 by approximately 10%; modernization of technology (within 1 year the investment was achieved which was 4 times bigger than the amortion), increased production efficiency, increased productivity (increase in sales per capita 2008/2007 >30%); on the 1st of December 2008 business School (business Škola) was sold, and on the 1st of January 2009 business Envelopes (business Kuverte) was sold; the production of registries was restructured to the level of achieving a positive financial result and prepared for the sales (or a joint investment), in June 2011 the process of liquidation was initiated; at the end of the restructuring process what remained was the company Donje Svetice nekretnine d.d. (with a valuable real estate and practically with no financial liability) and Lipa Mill grupa d.d. as a holding company, with minor financial liabilities.

  • making of several business plans,
  • strategy consulting (production of beverages and urban equipment, IT),
  • analyzing and providing proposals for restructuring within several companies (metal processing industry, civil engineering, trade and the servicing of commercial vehicles, trade in commodities),
  • intermediation at M&A – construction company, IT company
  • pre-bankruptcy settlements

Magma d.d. – increase in share capital, among the first ones in Croatia; a foreign investment fund has acquired 26% of shares (additional shares issuance) for 7 million USD; an active participation within the overall process – an initial value assessment, presentations to the investor; structuring and preparation with the investment bank (Flemings); due dilligence (KPMG); shareholders’ agreement and the concluding of the business deal; total duration: 6 months,

Acquisition – Magma d.d. – the purchase of a smaller comany in Croatia with the aim of expanding the retail network – due dilligence, negotiation concerning the conditions, integration within Magma d.d.,

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. – Startup project and organization of the commercial bank since its very beginning,

Strategic partnerships – the Agreement on the sales and distribution between Koestlin d.d. and Podravka d.d.

The changes made at the organization level are as follows:

  • converting of the joint-stock company into an LLC – Karolina
  • the separation and sales of a part of the joint-stock company into a separate company (spin-off) – Karolina
  • division of of the joint-stock company – Lipa Mill
  • the separation and sales of the economic unit – Lipa Mill
  • taking over of business (production of registries) – Lipa Mill

Lipa Mill d.d. – the implementation of the 20 keys methodology