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The Aramon Company provides the business and financial consulting services and the services of providing management skills within small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Our services are as follows:

Business analysis

Performing of various types of business analysis - financial, commercial etc.

Due diligence

Due diligence and business analysis of small and medium-sized companies and projects

Business plans

Writing of business plans for small and medium-sized companies and projects

Business reports and projections

Preparation of investment studies and projections based on the market and project analysis carried out


Corporate restructuring and drafting of restructuring plans

Strategic plans

Drafting of strategic plans through a marketing, sales and financial aspect

Business activity in the present environment requires a wide knowledge, a fast making of numerous business decisions, the processing of a range of complex and interrelated information. At the same time, it is difficult to achieve success in business without a high level of cost competitiveness. People are the key resource in achieving all of the above-mentioned.

It is difficult for the small and medium-sized companies to develop numerous skills and knowledge and to be cost-competitive. The occasional use of managerial and expert knowledge and skills is becoming an ever more useful and profitable practice.

Contributing to this is also the flexbility, where the consulting services can be used on a regular basis within a specific time period, at the project level, and possibly through common tasks.

Finally, what is not irrelevant is a detachment, that is the objectivity of the external consultant, not burdened with the former business model established by the client.

Why engage a consultant?

The extremely competitive present environment requires numerous skills and knowledge, regardless of the business activity of the company. This is especially true of strategy, marketing, sales and finance.

Today, engaging one’s own employees in all the above-mentioned segments is too expensive and unnecessary, and it represents the fixed cost which can threaten business in the long run.

The cost of a consultant is mostly variable, controllable and it can be linked to success in part, that is to the achieved results.

A professional consultant can be extremely objective and “not burdened“with the former business model established by the client and thus more creative.